How to Create Original Characters By Combining Archetypical Characters

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By far and large, one of the greatest challenges that many writers face is creating original characters. When it comes to this, the old saying in the great book as was done by the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes rings true, nothing new can be done in the world, at least from a superficial outlook. It generally seems that there is not a single character lout there that has not been written about. As true as this may sound and is, as a writer you need to despair not in your pursuit to create original characters. And as a great tip to create original characters for your books or written arts, think of combining archetypes to create an original character.

As is already known to you as a writer, people are often a combination of the twelve principal archetypes. Read more about Character Archetypes from this link. As such, this makes it all but sensible for you to your characters as well be like so. By adding as many layers of the archetypes in your characters, the more interesting your characters get to be. However as you do this, you need to make it as well a focus to make sure that only one of the archetypes gets to be seen as the driving and central motivation for your character anyway. Now how do you choose the archetypes to combine to create an original character?

Art is all about creativity. When it comes to the choice of a archetypes to combine into creation of an original character, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have determined the foundational archetype. This is going to be influenced by what your character’s main motivation in the story will be. Ask yourself as you create your works what it is that the particular character will be most interested in over all else. You need to bear in mind the fact that the character archetypes do speak or tell what the internal desires and the major drives there are in a character. To get more details about Character Archetypes, click this website. As such you need to ensure that you have indeed thought of them past what the obstacles will be that they face in your story. Get much deeper into revealing what the intense desires and pushes that make a character act a particular way and why they happen to be in such a kind of situation.

As well think of adding some bit of depth into the archetype by using a complimentary archetype. Learn more from


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